Projectile Launched

I have received my edits from my editor! I’m super happy, but, of course,  now I  have more work to do. There aren’t many changes to make, it’s just a bit time-consuming to re-read my book again. Then, after I finish the edits, I’m putting an excerpt from the sequel in the back of the book. However, since I’m not done writing it, I have to figure out which part I’m going to use, edit it, and then attach it to my book.

Working through the edits, I had an epiphany–I need to read more books by American authors because my writing style tends to be a bit British and that just doesn’t really cut it with American publishers, well, I guess, editors to be more precise 😉

I’m trying not to count down the days until I receive my cover art, but that isn’t working out too well! I’m super excited to see what my cover artist puts together with the information I gave.

Until then, climb that mountain.

~K. Laché

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