Mission Accomplished

The journey is only beginning.

You always have to remember where you came from, but don’t dwell on the past. It’s easy to do, I know. Spend your time working on creating a better future and not worrying about how you would fix the past.

That’s what Rivet did and now he’s flourishing!

It’s Valor‘s birthday today! There is a Facebook event going on where you can win a free copy of Valor! That is the only free copy being given out (at least until the sequel comes out), so make sure to take part and try to win that copy! There is also another Rafflecopter that I’m doing for some free swag here and that’s open until Friday PST.

I will be at the event all day Wednesday, July 6th PST. I’ll be able available for chat, question-asking, you can tweet me on Twitter. I plan to be on the computer all day…or at least have it next to me (I have a real life party planned, too). Feel free to ask questions about Valor, or about the sequels sure to come, or even my other projects.

Contests not your thing? The link to buy  it is here and listed below. You will be able to purchase it on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but I don’t have those links. Search: Valor by K. Laché and see if it comes up…which it should.

If you haven’t already joined, my street team still has space on it and the exclusive swag bags are eager and waiting to be sent out! More information on that here.

Until then, we face hills and climbs every day. Think of where you were, where you are, and where you’re going. Strive for greatness and you, my friend, will be great.

~K. Laché

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