It’ll Work Out

I’m taking a bit of a break from promoting Valor so I can focus on Interceptor (Vigilance 2) and the first novel to a paranormal series I have in the making. I’m behind in both of them and I want to be done writing by November 1st so I can edit all November and most of December and submit both by the end of this year. That’s a crazy thought for me to think about. If these two get accepted (fingers crossed), I know there’s a heck-ton of work to be done before their release. Blessing and curse now that I know the steps of being published. I wouldn’t trade it, though. I’m living a dream right now!

There’s something I feel I should say in regards to my Vigilance series.

Since the release of Valor, there have been mixed reviews. I knew this would happen, and I know the reason why. The Vigilance series doesn’t follow what I would consider conventional series plot progression. Let me explain what I mean. Usually, in a series, the plot starts off fairly simple and as it progresses, the more in-depth the plot becomes. The Vigilance series works…backwards. The plot starts off fairly complicated and raises several questions that don’t receive answers until later on.

I chose to write it this way. It was a risky move, Valor (Vigilance 1) being my debut novel and the series being my debut series. I took the chance and while I know the complexity in the being will turn some people away, those who stick with the series until the end will be rewarded with the answers to the questions brewing in their minds since the beginning.

There will be things in Valor that you won’t understand why I put so much emphasis on, and others where you’re wondering why I didn’t emphasize at all. This is intentional. I wrote the Vigilance series as if it were a puzzle…oh, that’s a good analogy. In the beginning, you dump the pieces out on the table and wonder just what you got yourself into. As you slowly fit it together, piece by piece, the picture becomes clear. If you don’t want to read a puzzle, I understand. But if you stick around, you’ll probably like the “picture” at the end!

Until then, have fun in life; it’s too short to take seriously all the time!
~K. Laché

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