Hello World!

The possibilities are endless. I truly believe that and sometimes it gets me into trouble…but the good kind of trouble. The kind where I believe I can do anything. Doesn’t some bad, right? Well, when faced with copious possibilities and armed with a stubborn curiosity, I set goals with nearly impossible deadlines.

As you may know, I am working on the sequel to Valor and a new paranormal series…well, the pilot book for that. There are two aspects (one each) of the novels that have me stuck. Unfortunately, the concepts further the plot so I’m kind of stuck until I figure those out.

To top that off, I have three other WIPs that I want to finish, but I pushed them aside to finish Valor–which was years ago. Cherry on top? I have two more pretty awesome ideas that are really nagging me to be written! Funny thing is they’re all different genres. Let’s see: spy romance, paranormal romance, action/adventure, fantasy? (not quiet sure what it’d be characterized as) romance, crime/drama, apocalyptic, mystery romance. I can’t resist the urge to say, “Oh my!” at the end…or “They’re magically delicious!” works too.

So with all that, I still am trying to get the sequel to Valor finished by the end of this year along with the first book to my paranormal series. Hopefully, I can crank out the majority of the work this month because I’ll be busy November and December so I’m trying to get the editing done in those months.

Until then, there’s a whole world out there just waiting for discovery–go discover something,

~K. Laché

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