Patience is Virtue… & Valor in Paperback!

Hey all!

It’s been awhile. I have news! So I’m sure all of you know by now that Valor is no longer available for purchase through Torquere Press. However, by the middle of March I plan to have the paperback version ready and available! If you guys find my book for purchase anywhere (as of right now) please don’t buy it and let me know about it. I’ll have more information and prices and such in the coming weeks.

I have a friend who is starting her own publishing company and has already accepted Valor! So my book baby will have a home again! Yay!

So the version of Valor that I’ll be selling in March will be a limited edition of the book. I’ll probably add a little extra at the end that won’t be in the version that’ll be published through my friend’s company.

Until then, make lemonade 😉

~K. Laché

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