I’d say the reason that drew me to writing was the sense of adventure that tagged along with it. I love creating settings and people and working to bring them to life on the page. I was once told that it was an unwritten law that states falling in love with your characters is a bad idea. I understand; I do, but I couldn’t disagree more. How can I write something believable if I didn’t love all my characters (even the villains)? I will admit that loving them makes it that much harder to get rid of a character to further the plot, but we all have to do difficult things.


I’ve written stories since third grade. My third grade teacher assigned each student at least a short story a week for about the whole school year (I think, that was thirteen grades ago!). I instantly loved it and wrote as fast as my number 2 pencil could form the words. At Christmas break, my teacher surprised us with a laminated copy of all our stories, nicely bound in a book. Then and there, I decided writing, and ultimately getting published, was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


Every kid goes through phases of what they want to be (I wanted to be a magician for years), but being an author always accompanied my desired professions—from veterinarian to circus performer. I found an outlet for my peculiar imagination and never looked back. Sure, there has been times where I struggled and wondered if all the effort and time I was putting in was worth it, but I couldn’t abandon my writing—I love it too much.


~K. Laché

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