Laché’s Collective (Street Team)

Interested in promoting for me and earning exclusive swag and sneak peeks of upcoming works?

Join my street team!

What do you need to join?

  • An email
  • An interest in helping me promote my work
  • If you don’t have a FB or Twitter don’t worry about it, but if you do, please:
    • Like my Facebook Page here
    • Follow me on Twitter @K_LacheWrites

Requirements (unless otherwise discussed with me):

  • post a review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (a bit more than just a star rating, please)
  • post, retweet, etc. something promotional for my work at least once a month

Okay, so what do you get for helping me out?

  • When you signup and post, tweet, retweet, tag, something promotional for my work and me, you’ll get a swag bag consisting of a few little goodies exclusive to only my street team.
  • There will be raffles every so often and three lucky winners will receive an extra special prize (*see note below for details)!

Want to know more about the raffle?

  • each promo post, tweet, retweet, etc. will get you one entry into the raffle
    • the tally will be counted the month of he raffle, so only the posts, tweets, retweets, of that month will be counted
  • each person you get to join my street team will get you three entries into the raffle
    • same as above, tally of that month is the only ones that’ll be counted
  • the raffling will start when there are five members of the team
  • *see note below*

Not really big on social media?

  • that is perfectly fine! There are other ways you can be a contributing member of the team.

So what are the non-social media ways you can take part?

  • this is where your imagination and creativity can flourish
  • If you’re local to Southern California, you can check out local bookstores and see if they’ll host me for a book signing/author meet and greet. Have them contact me for details. This will earn you an extra special prize instantly!
  • Anything you plan on doing, please, okay it with me first



Since this team is just getting started, the raffles won’t start until there’s five people with only one winner at the raffle. The members to prize ratio is 5:1, 10:2, 15:3.

Also, I can’t afford to send the whole swag bag internationally. I can, send the signed picture. Sorry about the inconvenience.


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