The Hunt

Here are the three riddles mentioned on July 6th–the Facebook event.

Congratulations! You’re a new covert operative of Vigilance and Commander Donovan gave you strict orders to meet him at the local grocery. You enter the store and walk straight to the back–to the employees only door. You look down at the keypad and type in your code. The numbers slide away to reveal a touch screen with a riddle you must solve to enter. It reads: If I say 12, you say 6. If I say 6, you say 3. If I say 10, you can’t say five. So if I say 8, what will you say?

Choose carefully…


There is a bomb on top of a computer. Around the computer are a hairbrush, keys, phone, and a cup. When the explosion occurs, what item is destroyed first?


Here’s where things get tough. As a Vigilance agent, you should be able to figure it out!

There’s a spoiler (kind of) hidden in the riddles* I posted. Here’s a hint to figure it out: it’s the number that’s important and the prose it’s nestled in. Add an inquiry. Combine the five and replace the double with the second answer. It’s a five word phrase, if you figure it out, message me and you’ll get a swag bag if you’re right!

*here I’m talking about the numbers riddle and the explosion riddle


The Prize

Exclusive Valor swag and the bragging rights that you are pretty savvy 😉


Until then, like a well-known Muppet used to say, “It’s not easy being green,”